Monday, August 1, 2016

Time is too Short

I think I end every week thinking: "No! I needed more time!" or everyday thinking or saying to my companion: "Where did that day go?" Time is so precious! And I am sure that I am loving my time here in Huaquillas almost too much! 


1) I eat way too much. Not becuase I want to but because the members and investigadores always tell us to stay and eat. I think 4 different families invited to eat yesterday.

2) The church is kind of new here so the members are full of energy to share the gospel with all their friends and family.

·3) Sometimes we love investigadores so much even if they don´t go to church that we have to let off the gas a little and look for more and BOOM some else that is equally as cool comes up!

4)The church (That is just a big old house) is filled to the brim almost every sunday! 160 people yesterday and almost 30 of them aren´t members! 

5) My companion is just the best! I don´t think I could´ve asked for a better "Son" We can laugh, work, and cry together and we just keep moving up!

And many other things! It`s not perfect but it sure is amazing to be here. The picture is of us doing a little Family home evening with a less active family and a couple of investigators. 

Just ask for prayers for Kenny Morocho who is going to be baptized this Saturday (he is in the picture so look for him next week) 

Love you guys! Keep the scriptures cool and actually read them!

Elder Alder :)

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