Monday, February 29, 2016

End of the Month Crazies

Not sure where the title came from but that´s what popped into my head for two reasons:

1)A lot crazy happened this week
2) Missionaries (here) recieve money at the end of the month, so two or three days before the end of the month,there are a lot of missionaries broke, hehe

So crazy events this week: My companion was made District leader this week. Which means we get to carry around the cell! But for some reason I am still the Senor Companion... We have 5 investigators at church this week which was wonderful! We meet a man who wanted to listen to us because he read a conversation on Facebook of someone talking bad about the missionaries. Then someone (Maybe a member) spoke out about how the missionaries leave everything behind for two years and that´s what sparked his interest.
Talk with a couple of Gringos from North Carolina, singing about the bible in different churchs.
And (This is why I can´t send pictures) This morning we recieved a call from the office that my companion had an interview with the president. So we were in the offices of the mission today, waiting for a interview. And then when the interview ended, President looked at me, "You ready to sing Elder Alder?" "Yes...." Then he told me about the virtual choir that MoTab is doing and that he wanted me to sing for it! So we spend most of today in the office, singing and sitting! (So if I don´t write you, I apologize in advance)

Well I sure hope the best for everyone this week! Know that when you put everything in, everything that you have, and then ask the Lord to do His part. If you have done your part, with what ever it is (From Education to which what shirt to wear today)  The Lord WILL do His part.
"He that loseth his life for my sake, shall findeth"

Elder Alder

Link to Elder Alder's MoTab recording:  Devan...MoTab

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Two letters in one week! "Valentines Apologies" and "Back in Time"

For reasons we may never understand Devan's letters the past two weeks haven't been getting, here are two in one post

What a holiday for missionaries.... or really the first lines of Alma 58:37: Now behold, it mattereth not (a lot more fun in Spanish: Mas he aquí, NO IMPORTA.) Got to love the scriptures. 

So I need to apologize for the no update last week. We had 3 hours outside of the house because of CARNAVAL. It wasn´t like everyone was partying (Becuase we didn´t see anything from our apartment) But what does happen here is water fights. LOTS and lots of water (even if it´s raining) And sometimes paint, flour, and eggs. 4 days to throw stuff at each other. (There was even a church activity where they just threw water at each other. So us missionaries were locked up for 4 hours saturday. 6 hours Sunday. And ALL day monday and Tuesday. Probably the worst for missionaries. So we didn´t get lazy, we read, and read, and read. Reached the middle of Jesus the Christ! It was actually a spiritual experience for me!
Just goes to show that no matter what, you can feel the spirit!

Well we are certainly seeing the miracles here in the Pradera! We found a family that is living with an inactive family from Esmeraldas (Up North), they don´t have any money and are very open to recieve us and His message. First lesson and the mother started to cry! I sure do live for those lessons where the spirit just touches the heart. What a blessing! Reminds me of Alma 32 and 33, where alma is teaching the poor. The word starts as a seed (Verse 28 of chapter 32) It grows and we find out it is a good seed (29) But it doesn´t become a perfect knowledge until we ACT (33 and 34) But if we don´t treat this knowledge with "great diligence and with pacience" the tree will die (38-41) What a blessings to see these miracles here.

Another miracle, we have a baptism this week. A lady that I meet 2 months ago that has been coming to church for those 2 months every week. For her situation at home, she couldn´t be baptized but last week we talked with her and soon will be free of her situation and will be baptized this saturday! I can´t describe the joy on her face when we asked if she wanted to be baptized this saturday. She has been searching for the truth for a long time, and now she has found it.

God hears our prayers (Alma 33) And He will answer in His own time. But He will answer. He loves us with a love we can´t imagine. But when we work in His work (Not just missionary work) we see His love in every aspect. 

Love you all and hope the best for each and everyone of you!

Picture: Elder Cutipa´s birthday was Friday, so I bought him a cake!

Zone Conference

This weeks letter...

Well I sent you all letters last week but THE WALL stopped it and now you are reciecving two messages!

Well I can`t exactly show you guys with photos today BUT we did have a baptism on Saturday!! 

If I can send the photos some time, her name is Elsie Reyes. She was born here in Guayquil knows English pretty well and is thinking about moving to Utah! She has been coming to church for the past 2 and half months, going to the classes that the church has to become... what are the words in english... Self Providing.. Ugh.. Where you learn to make money or have a business! Let´s just say I was humbled to have participated in her baptism. Only sad part is that she is moving out of our ward soon and won´t be able to see her much, or teach her 3 children that came to the baptism!

Now it`s time to find more people! My scripture for the week is James 1:22. Let us be doers of the word, not only hears. We have a big responsiblity as members of this church. We understand the scriptures because we have a living prophet that communicates with God. Be that light to the world and always share that light with those in darkness. When we understand how special this gospel is, nothing will bother the work of the Lord. The "Old ship Zion" is always moving, but are we going to get on board? 

Sending lots of love from Ecuador!

Elder Alder

A photo from a member letting us know Devan is alive!

Zone conference

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Lilies of the Field

Just love that song. How are you friends and family? (Don´t think I´ve forgotten about a single one of you, I see your name every week :)) 
Well I would love to send you all a picture of what happened this week, much more fun. But as technology is how it is always, I am stuck with my glorious english that is slowing leaving me.

So suprise, suprise. This week, wednesday to be exact, we woke up to a phone call. "Elder Sicán, you have transfers."
And BOOM, my companion was gone just like that. So who is my new companion?? Drum Roll.... ELDER CUTIPA. Sounds american no? He is from Bolivia, has 24 years (Silly spanish to english jokes), was the baptized member of his family at the age of 16. AND the first time I met Elder Cutipa was in Colombia.... Wait? What?.....
Yes my companion is one of the Latinos that I flew to Ecuador with.... So what does that mean...... I am the "older" companion... Normally after a yearish we think, okay now is my time to take charge because I have more time than my companions. Nah, mine started Wednesday. hahaha. Super weird! Super Crazy! A little bit of stress and WHAT a blessing. 
I am so grateful to be here with Elder Cutipa, he is a companion who is afraid of no one and we are working harder than ever. I know the area, he has the "fire" plus the language, hehe. And away we went.

I was certainly praying very hard this week for the spirit. And wanted to share a scripture from John 15:16. Here Christ is talking to his chosen apostales and says that he that asks the Father in His name, it will be given.

The Father will answer your prayers. Ask with real intent and in the name of Christ, and it shall be given unto you. He answered a little 19 year old in the middle of the world, He will answer your´s too.

Les quiero

Elder Alder