Monday, August 22, 2016

Priesthood blessings

Well I would just love to bring you all here to show you how amazing this branch is! I just absolutely love the energy that these members have for the work of the lord. We had the wonderful blessing to have a "Branch conference" this week. That means a couple wonderful things. One, we got to have President Moreno come to the branch with the assistants and they gave some powerful testimonies from them. They sure love to work and work to love. Other blessing from the conference was saturday, there were 5 men who prepared and received the Higher Priesthood (as you can see in two of the pictures below) I remember that receiving the aaronic priesthood was a big deal but I don´t remember feeling the spirit as strong. But the higher preisthood, "tears for days" as the uneducated would say like me :) And this experience was no different. The District president invited us to partipate in the room where they were going to give the priesthood to these 5 brothers recieve the priesthood. And the first brother was named Franklin and when they asked him who he wanted to give him the preisthood, he picked my companion. My companion looked at me and said: "what do I do?" Next brother is named Jorge (The fatter one in the second picture that looks a little bit like my dad, sorry dad) CHOSE ME to give him the priesthood. First time in my life and I "cried for days" I felt the spirit so strong in that moment. I saw and got to participate in the confirmation of Jorge and I´m amazed at the progess that he has taken. I feel so grateful for the authority and the fact that we can draw a line from Jorge PeƱaloza right to Jesus Christ. We have the authority that is why it´s so important to share this gospel.

Love you guys. "Dare to be a Mormon"

Elder Alder

Franklin and Marisol

Elder Alder, Jorge and crew

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