Monday, December 26, 2016

White Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS (Or as I said to the first person on Sunday "Happy Christmas") Well it wasn´t that white, in that sense. But the Lord blessed us with another child of God who was well prepared by the Lord entered the waters of Baptism. He knows more than us about the Bible because he studied with the Jehovah`s Witnesses for 10 years but he read the Book of mormon the second he got it and has stared reading The Pearl of great Price and D&C, he loves the church and the best part was that his recently sealed brother baptized him. What a great baptismal service. Their mother is getting there soon and is also reading the Book of Mormon everyday.

Well if I could describe Ecuador on Christmas it would be Lights, food, and passed out people. My companion and I were certianly passed out with SOOO much food we ate 4 times Christmas Eve. We did  White Elephant gifts as a zone which was super fun! And talking to the family was great (Love you guys!) 

Now the sad news is that my companion is getting transfered, we got along super well and I am pretty sad that he is leaving. But the Lord sends us where He needs us and all we have to do is obey. If he tells us to get up and move, we obey. If He tells us to talk to that person, we obey. If He tells to Preach His Gospel, we obey. And then He is happy so we can be too! 

I love following the Will of the Lord even if it`s hard because I AM SO HAPPY when I do.

Thanks for everything, I will see yáll when I am 20 :)

Elder Alder

Monday, December 19, 2016

I Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas

Original, I know.

Well Christmas came SUPER FAST, faster than I thought it would, I hope everyone is enjoying cold weather because I can´t stop sweating. At least I am getting darker than all  y´all, hehe. 
Well I almost don´t have a voice right now for all the singing we have done this week!

Super exciting! I think we had 2,000 people there and the goal was a thousand refuralls! I am almost certain that we got to the goals. Why? Becuase the three missions had 6 live nativity scenes of missionaries and they loved it! It was super great and we got to go do one a day.
The best part of this country is that they are super trustworthy or they just don´t care if someone just shows up to their house. We invited them to come take pictures with us and then said "Hey, we will print out a copy of the picture and take it to your house, is that okay? We just need your address and number" 
That would TOTALLY not work in any other country. "Why would I ever tell YOU where I live?" Here they are like OKAY! SURE! 

Super funny and I just love ecuador!

Well Kristina and here son WITH a miracle got baptized this week! I am sad that I wasn´t there but sometimes you have to do the Lord´s will!

Love Christmas, love you guys! Share your light!

Elder Alder

Monday, December 12, 2016

Travel Days

Well back in machala again and I am headed for Guayquil tomorrow! I LOVE SINGING ESPECIALLY CHRISTMAS MUSIC, have I already said that? 

I love working with missionaries and I even like teaching a little bit of music!

This week was SO busy but I loved it! We had Leadership Council which was just so great becuase now the mission is starting to put goals and we are really trying to hit the ground running. And right after the Council ended I said bye to my companion and off to singing. And president was sooo happy about the choir that he wanted us to sing in every little place that we could. Super great and very spiritual. But the aventure hasn`t ended yet! 

I wasn´t sure if I was going to come home this week to see the baptism of Steve but I did! Super spiritual and he was just shining with happiness! He really turned his life around and I am so proud of him. i won´t be able to come back for the baptism of Kristina and her son Igor but if you will pray for them that would be great!

Love you all!

Elder Alder 

First three pictures are my beloved choir and the last is from Steve`s baptism!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SURPRISE! Happy Birthday!

Well ladies and gentlemen, We had a great week this week. First picture would be my companion having his mission birthday year mark! Super great and full of food and tears! Next surprise is that we have 30 minutes to write now so I apologize if I don´t write a few of you! but I will do my best to get to everyone! So don´t stop emailing me, hehe.

Next picture is us following the Lord´s advice that ALL are equal. (Ron Mcdonald has to be baptized!!)

Third picture is what you call how Ecuador prepares for New Years, one day they will blow up that thing.

Next picture can be described with these words "When you don´t have members in your lessons, you have to carry them next door to teach their neighbor even if they crashed in their motocycle and can´t get up"

Last of all the biggest burger I have ever seen! It was so good! 

We had Stake Conference this week and our mission president, his wife, and an area seventy spoke. I was uplifted by their words and I always think it is amazing to hear from our leaders! So I will be quite happy this week to be in guayquil working with President to organize this choir! Pray for my companion please! We have many things to do and he doesn´t have a companion to do it! 

I just love the scripture from the Sermon on the Mount that says somthing like the Light of the body is the EYE. Let His light shine through your eyes! 

Love you all :)

Elder Alder

SURPRISE! Happy Birthday!