Monday, January 25, 2016

Time just zooms by...

Time just zooms by doesn´t it? Well here in rainy Guayquil, I sure can´t keep up with it!
For all those who "follow" the missionaries of the world, probably heard about a thousand times that there was a General Conference for missionaries this past wednesday. The call to the missionaries was this: "Preach Repentance and Baptize Converts" Of course that wasn´t all they talked about but all that we do as missionaries is to Invite others to come unto Christ. But what can sum up the results of AAALLL these little things we do as missionaries: teach repentance and baptize converts.

Elder Sicán and I tried our best to apply this to our work this week. We had some wonderful lessons filled with the spirit as we taught a few of our lessons only about repentance. And enjoyed the sight of the man we baptized last week reading Doctrine and Covenants just about everyday as we passed by his home. 
Sometimes the scripture at the end of Matthew seems to feel like we should baptize just anyone. But the real spirit of that scripture is found in a Gospel principles class on sunday with converts pointing at the celestial glory, saying, "That is my goal"

Well about the work, if you look back at the work here in this sector in general. The past 5 people who were baptized had over 50 years and our investigators right now have over 60. So I don´t know if the only people that listen to the Elders are the elders but that is the truth. We are really in need of more people to teach so this week will be a lot of contacting! Something that I still have to get good at, especially in Spanish! But it´s fun! Try it this week, start a conversation on the street this week! Haha, got to love the work!

Scipture this week? The last verse in Moroni 7. The goal is to have the love of Christ just rush through our veins (Ugh forgot how to spell that word...) But we have to pray for it so we can be pure "even as he is pure" And then we will become "True followers of his Son" or the words in spanish, "Ture disciples"
This is the goal. This is my goal.

Keep up the good work!

Elder Alder

(I don´t have any cool pictures because I´m a little self consious about carrying my camera all the time, but my companion made this for me!)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Learning, Growing and Progressing!

What a wonderful week of learning, growing, and progressing!

Tuesday had my first intercambio (Interchange? Man english...) Where we did spilts for a whole day with the Zone Leaders. Learned a lot because they toke my companion to the other sector. So, for the most part, I had to lead the way because my Zone leader doesn´t know my sector (And that´s normal) So I learned a ton about taking charge and making my own decisions (with the help of the Spirit of course.) Good thing too because (especially as a new little missionary and my own personality) it seems that I tend to follow the line of authority. But even when following you have to learn to take charge and make decisions. (Oh little 19 year old primary lessons :D) 

Elder Sicán and I are really starting to see some progression. We were able to set 2 baptismal dates this week and have some absolutely wonderful lessons. One of them is this old lady who has been married for 40 (That is pretty rare for Guayquil) and now her husband is starting to lose everything. Memory, ability to eat, and life. We walked past her house as she was entering and she said hello. Boom, the spirit told us to talk to her. She says she has always seen the missionaries walking by but never has said anything till now. She is such a sweet lady. It was a testimony to me that the Lord is at the helm of this work. He prepares these people and the work for missionaries is find those who are prepared and share the message of the restorted gospel.

Just like Aaron did in Alma 22 with the king of the Lamanites. And I just love the response of the King after Aaron had taught him the Gospel, particularly the gospel of Christ: I will give up all that I possess to have this eternal joy. The gospel is joy. We walked as our convert Hugo was waiting at the street corner, all dressed and ready for church this Sunday. The gospel gives us joy so that we might then change and act. 

I pray that we may search for this joy that can only be found in Christ. 

Les quiero mucho

Elder Alder

Monday, January 11, 2016

Arnold SaucesNueve

I know that title makes no sense! But it is for the 66 year old man we baptized this saturday! His name is Hugo Masias. He LOVES to talk (if i haven´t said that already) He is super funny. Super straight foreward. And knew from the start that he needed this baptism. I wasn´t the first missionary to teach him but my companion was. It was amazing to hear him bare his testimony about how the Savior lives.
So the title was a joke he made when he said to me that he knew english. "What´s the name of the act from Terminator? Arnold SaucesNueve! See! I know english.
We thought it was funny!

Other funny experience: One night we were getting ready for bed and my companion (in spanish of course) asked me what the word "spoiled" was in english. When I figured out what he meant, I thought for 20 minutes and couldn´t remember the word SPOILED.... And guess what? 20 minutes later he says, "Oh Compa! Spoiled!"
I was so mad! I´m losing my language!

So scripture for this week is Mosiah 16:9. Christ is the light and life of the word. He will shine forever and never go out. He will bring life to those who don´t have it, or don´t know they don´t have it. 
This week, my companion and I need to give our all to find those who will listen to us. Everyone needs this gospel. So the goal is to pray with faith and proclaim that He lives. 

It´s an honor to be out here doing the Lord´s working and helping people like Hugo to the waters of Baptism. 

Share your Faith. Share your Testimony. Because it is the Faith and tesitmony of Him.

Elder Alder

Some things Devan found for his Birthday.

Monday, January 4, 2016

2016: The Rains Came Down and The Floods Came Up

As they say here: ¡Happy Year! (Nothing is new, haha) Well so first I´ve got to tell what happened New Years! As you can tell from the picture, the night before, I got Papa Johns for my birthday. The next news is that it completely got me sick. (Didn´t get my companion sick, but me yes.) (And no worries mom I´m fine now) So really New Years Eve for me was trying to get better from Pizza. Moral of the story is don´t trust american food, haha. So that night I was just trying to get rest and at 12, BOOM BOOM BOOM. The city blew  up... with fireworks and the little statutes things I told yall about last time. I just heard it, I really wanted to sleep!

Next temporal thing: The Child is here. El Niño. We got Drenched the other day. It just comes down llike I have never! The best part? The night after the rain comes the MILLION crickets jumping into your house! (Thank goodness we are on the top floor of the apartment! Haha, super gross and funny at the same time!

Here´s a picture of my birthday, you can tell my companion and I get along, haha. He is so funny!

Best part about this week is we have a baptism this Saturday! Super excitied because his name is Hugo (the last baptism that fell), he is such a great guy (LOVES to talk), and he is missing half a leg so that will be interesting!

It´s an honor to be involved in this work, no place I would rather be! Scripture: Moroni 7:47 "Charity is the pure love of Christ" Or if you switch it, Christ´s love. This is the goal for all. And those who are found with it in the last day are doing "Muy bien"

Love you guys! Share the gospel and testimony because it is True.

Stay Loyal to the Royal

Elder Alder

Celebrating his birthday...a dream come true!

It may be the last time he orders Papa Johns!

Chifa, ecuadorian chinese of Devan's favorites