Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I Love Talent Shows

Well another week, without pictures to tell all the wonderful stories that happened this week! I will have to write a thousand words to describe them suficiently (as you can see I will never be able to spell if it kills me) 

Well just a wonderful week here in Branch Huaquillas. Like I said before this branch has 2 years and there is nothing greater than being where the church has recently started. Let´s see what have we accomplished as a branch this week. We have 8 people that will recieve the Higher preisthood this week. We have a missionary out in the field and one waiting for his calling. And a SISTER started her papers!! We had a branch talent show that just rocked my world (and other churches say we shouldn´t dance. I beg to differ!) And we are saying goodbye to elder Humble. And everyone just loved him here so EVERYone is super sad. 

As far as work goes here, the youth are super excited are bring their friends to church and we were able to bring a whole family to church this week! It was so great and we are really excited to get working again!

Would love to show my year old cake but once again, pictures...

Love you guys!

Elder Alder

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