Monday, July 25, 2016

Huaquillas-Utah (False Deserts)

Well you all know how everyone says that Utah is a desert but it ends up snowing every year and we always have water so no one really knows why we call it a desert. Well Huaquillas is the same. I heard from other elders before I got here "The Sun just burns you!!" Well right now I have only seen clouds, haha.

Well here I am happy as ever! My companion is learning so fast to the point that he tells me, "Elder Alder shouldn´t we do this" The reality is that I am learning more than he is learning. What gives me joy is that he is so willing to invite people to do things. "Will you pray? Will you read the book of mormon? Will you be baptized this day? Will you learn to be patient?" It`s really quite great! 

We were blessed this last Saturday to have an interview with our new President Moreno and his wife. His wife is super energetic and loves the missionaries and it is really cool that they have children that can be fine on their own and the two can travel together. President Moreno sure has a different look on missionary work and wants us to work hard but not get caught up in numbers or measure our success with numbers, that sure hit the mission hard, haha. 
But now we are enjoying the wonderful oportunity to be here in Huaquillas. Best part about being on the Boarder with Peru is that there are a few members from there that make us some pretty good food! But the best spiritual part about being here is that the church has about a year and a half here and we have many people who need to hear the gospel that the Lord has chosen! WE just have to have the faith to find them. Alma 32:21, we might not know where they are but we have faith that we will find them!

Love you all and hope the best for each and everyone!

Happy Pioneer Day!

Elder Alder

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