Monday, August 29, 2016

"I have a Family here on Earth"

Well this week was one of the most spiritual weeks that I have had in the mission. (And if you know my family and I that means tears :)) So we are learning a lot about how to find families. And usually that comes from the people that the members or the investigators know. So my companion has espeically been asking EVERYONE who we can teach. And we have found 3 families. We are super excited to be teaching them and helping them gain faith, repent, to get to baptism! But really we have more help from our Father in Heaven. We have learned a little bit more about prayer and how to put your heart in your prayers and our investigators. And we learned so much from the scripture Alma 17:3. Fasting with prayer. During weekly planning, we got to the end and my companion told me, "Elder we are missing something. We can talk to people. We can invite them to make changes but they are getting quite there. We need to fast" (Physically I was really happy because I think we eat 5 times a day just visiting people) but I felt the spirit so strong from the fast. And not to say that beacause we fasted we got more investigators in church, but we did have a quite a few that got to church (Even 30 minutes before us) Also another family got to church that we didn´t know. Turns out they are family of the missionary that is out on his mission in Peru from our branch! They aren´t members so we intorduced ourselves and said "So the other elders are  visiting you guys?" They said no one had visited them in a while. 

This gospel was made so that families can be together forever and as a missionary, I have never seen anything that makes me feel the spirit faster, which is a family that is attending church for the first time. Or another family that gets to church before the members. We are being blessed so much here just because the people here know their duty: "PREACH MY GOSPEL" 

Every member a missionary and remember we are here because of Him, so the only thing we should be doing is His will.

Love you all :)

Elder Alder

Family Home Evening

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