Monday, September 12, 2016

Marriage is what brings us Together Today

(I sure hope everyone remembers this movie because it took me a whole week to remember what it was called) 
You may be wondering, or might not, what happened last week and what would ever have stopped us to write the week before. Well one answer is in the title. The other answer is that at 1 o´clock here in Huaquillas until 5:40 the whole city shut down. (Se fue la luz, por favor ayúdeme estoy olvidando inglés) We didn´t have electricity all of monday. So when the light came back there wasn´t enough time to write all of you so we didn´t write, did they give us time the next day to write a little bit? yes, but we got super busy, we forgot and we just kind of got (metidos?) pulled into the work. Well so last week, we spent our whole day in Registro Civil... CityCouncil ugh.... forgetting english.-  Well we helped out a beautiful family get married named the Samaniego Family. They apparently recieved the missionaries about a year ago and didn´t want to hear a darn thing. But I am sure the spirit just hit this family hard because they progresssed soooo fast and Saturday were baptized! And we were certainly shown that the adversary didn´t want this family to get baptized. (The day of their marriage, wednesday, they got just about all of their clothing stolen...) Turns out that the father (Dan, who looks a lot like my uncle adam) was baptized when he was 8 and doesn´t remember anything so the mother (Maria) and her two sons (Dan and Justin) were baptized this Saturday. The baptism was an experience that I will never forget. The branch had an activity before the baptism so we had a room full of people attending the baptism. They are also super excited to be able to go to the temple this Saturday (Which we will be doing this week as a branch and I am SUPER excited) Another thing I wanted to mention about the baptism is the two testimonies of our lovely couple. "I know that this church is true" I don´t think I have heard that from a recent convert with such power. They read the Book of Mormon a whole lot before being baptized and they prayed and even fasted to be able to feel what they felt! It was an experience that I will never forget! 

I am sure that I am forgetting a lot of information but I am just in shock with the blessings of the Lord. How do you find such an amazing family? I asked that a couple of times to myself. How do we find more families that are just ready. The answer is Member Missionary Work. We are visiting all the friends of the recent converts of this branch and we are finding so many lovely poeple. We have to work a little bit harder but we sure have met so many great people. Where do you find members who have so much faith that they ask you: "Elders, when are we going to go door knocking in my neighborhood, I am sure that we will find at least someone to listen to us?") People are waiting for the gospel. Your friends are waiting for the gospel. We just have to pray and fast that the Lord will prepare the hearts of these people and OPEN OUR MOUTH. 

I always considered myself a shy guy and not willing to talk to whoever is in my path. But the Lord helped me to follow the spirit and to not care what people think of me! (We are also blessed here in Ecuador because questions like: Do you live here? Are you married? When do you normally work? How long have to been married? And what are you going to do this Sunday? doesn´t weird people out.) 

Love this country and love these people (And not just because they give me a WHOLE TON OF FOOD)

Love you all and hope the best for all :) Mormon means Happy!!! 

Elder Alder

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