Monday, March 27, 2017

Noah`s Flood Take 2

Well I probably should`ve taken some pictures of the AMAZING amount of rain that it poured this week. I am convinced that Santa Rosa would be WAY hotter than Machala if it weren`t for so much rain! We are living on the third and last floor of our buidling and I thnk 3 nights this week, the rain came down so hard that we couldn`t sleep. IT WAS GREAT! Sounds crazy but when am I ever going to see rain like this again! I love the rain and the only reason I don`t want to get wet is for my ties, but other than that I would go out to sing in the rain everyday! It really comes down SO hard! The river overflowed with 3 days of constant raining!

Well I am super excited to work with this wonderful zone! Out of the 14 missionaries that we have in the zone, 3 of them have more than a year on the mission. WHAT... A BLESSING! I`m serious! Great missionaries who are fresh ready to learn and be molded by the spirit. I couldn`t be more happy acutally! They are some great missionaries and I hope I can do my best to help in anyway that I can because if there is anything that I have learned here is that working alone doesn`t work. Working just with your companion works great for your area. Working with the zone with one objective is even better! 
We had a great experience in our district meeting this week. We talked about 2 Nephi 31. Doctrine of Jesus Christ. The "Why" we are here as missionaries and the "How" we help our investigators come unto Christ. I got to share what the spirit was telling me and that was that as missionaries (espeically when we are just starting the mission) are SO focused on how the doctrine can help those investigators and everyone that ISN`T a member. And the time goes on and "WOW, I need to share applying this to MY life". The Father doesn`t just say "Repent, Repent and be baptize in the Name of my Beloved Son". He is also saying "Devan repent, repent PLEASE and participate of the Sacrament so that you can take upon you Christ`s name and become like Him"

Well sorry I didn`t have enough time to even tell you that we had a baptism this week! His name is Edilson and he is awesome!

Love you all!! 

Pictures: THE ZONE


It`s so hot that we had to buy a bigger fan! hahahaha

Hamburgers with the Guys 

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