Monday, March 20, 2017


Well I may or may not have cried but after almost 6 months, the Lord wanted me to go to a different city. As I said in my final testimony on Sunday, I will always have a family in Machala. I really love that ward and I really love all the people that I got to get to know. There are some amazing memories that I had there and I am really grateful for the time that the Lord gave me there. A dear ward!

Well 45ish mins later I am in Santa Rosa (Holy Rose) in a new zone, new companion, new missionaries. There have been a lot of transfers in the mission, so Pday (today) has been us in the Terimnal of Santa Rosa helping everyone to their sectors. 
But for some reason, in the bus here to Santa Rosa, I was really all of your letters and a feeling came over me of all the things that the Lord has prepared for me in the city. I felt so overwhelmed with peace and joy to know that this is where the Lord wants me to be. And if I listen well, I will be able to know exactly what I need to do. I love being a missionary and listening to the Spirit. 

Well for those who want to know. My new companion is Elder Cordero (Elder Lamb), this is the first time in a while that I have been the missionary with less time than the other. He was astistant to president and now here with me as zone leader. He has got a little time left but I know that we will be working really hard without letting go. 

Last year in the World Transmision with ALL the missionaries. Elder Oaks said that the Atonement (or repentance process) doesn´t just wipe away the sin. It also gives NEW STRENGTH to keep going. I feel that right now. I feel new stregnth to keep going everyday. There are people here ready to hear the gospel and all we have to do is find them, teach with the spirit, and watch the miracles of the Lord. (Simple right? haha, not exactly but it´s still fun!) 

Tip of the week: Hey read your scriptures with the intent of learning God´s will for you, it works a lot better

Love you all and hope it´s colder where you are all at :)

Elder Devan Alder

(Pictures: the "sunset" on my time in Machala, a couple of Good bye photos I don´t know why I didn´t take more, and my new companion!) 

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