Monday, March 13, 2017

President's Week

Well if I remember correctly this holiday already passed in the US, but it´s never too late to celebrate! Well the title is because this Friday President and his wife came to Machala for a MultiZone Conference. It was absoultely amazing and I always love when President comes. I felt really inspired and it is also kind of sad because these are the meetings were the missionaries that are finishing give their last testimony. A lot of missionaries that I have known for awhile are headed home and in these next 6 weeks even more, kind of scarey and it was the first time anyone called me an "old missionary". I am just starting! (Why can´t missions be 3 years?) 
We also got to go House shopping with President and his wife and do something that hasn´t been done in this mission in a long time, President entering the house of the missionaries. Everyone was scared out of thier minds. My companion and I reflected on the first couple of months of our missions when we were scared to even see president, but traveling and working with him every month has helped us act normally and not so scared with president. The best thing is contacting with President and talking about the gospel with others with him. He is so excited to talk about the gospel so it makes you want to do even more excited!

As you will see from the pictures. Monday, Maria Echeverria entered in the waters of baptism and on Saturday, two adorable children as well, baptized by our favorite future missionary (Adrian Lopez, whose aunt lives in West Valley Utah, kind of cool) It was also an amazing experience watching Eduardo baptize his mother Maria. What an amazing baptism and we organized a little diddy with a violin as a muscial number, also a success! 

We are teaching a wonderful young couple that live SUPER far away but they come to church every sunday and they are so ready to become members. But a missionary´s favorite question here in Ecuador "So you guys are married right?" and the answer 9 times out of 10 is "No we are just living together for 20 years and have 5 children" So this young couple needs to get married first. I am hoping they can do it soon because I´m not sure if I will be here to see their baptism....

But that´s okay! what the the Lord wants right? 
News of the week: We got 2 older missionaries in this mission! They are so sweet and are working hard in Naranjal! They are from california and this is their 3rd mission! Amazing people! 

Love you all and hope for the best! 
Elder Devan Alder

(The last picture is of Elder Barum (Our district leader from Las Vegas) and our amazing lunch by the sea.. that you can´t on words :)

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