Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference and Easter Excitement

I don´t think I could describe my excitement for Conference last week and I sure will not be able to explain the Spiritual strength that I recieved during conference! There were a couple of impressions that came to my mind that kind of made me want to run and cry like a girl but then the Mulan "Be a Man" song came into my head and I held back the tears, haha, no I am kidding, kind of... We just have a wonderful curse and blessing in the family; we cry when the spirit touches our hearts. I`M SORRY
But how can you not cry with a Les Miserables reference and a Choir reference! We are all in the CHOIR! I will forever use that! This Church is a big choir! And I am part of it, singing with all my might! And when I get to the parts that I don´t know I have to listen hard to the expert next to me singing!
This is the true Church!
I especially loved Cook´s talk at the end. "The purpose of Conference is to strength the faith of the Saints in God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ" WORKED. John 17:3 I have to come to know God and if I even want to get close to that, I have to talk to Him with all my heart AT LEAST twice a day. I have to get to know His son and become like Him. 

Well as you will see in the photos we had a great meeting of the Elders in Santa Rosa. They are great people! 
Also this week, we got to paint a house! One of our investigators is a widow. She is a young mother with 3 children. Her husband died in a car crash and now her children don`t even want to enter the house. We told her that maybe she should change the house up a little bit so that her children will come back to live in the house. She got super excited and asked what day we were going to paint. We went right to it and I ended the day with yellow EVERYWHERE. It was so fun and her house looks great! A wonderful experience that I will never forget!

This place is soooo blessed and I hope we can take advantage of it this Easter Season. We are going to be working extra hard and there might be some Choir plans to find some more investigators!

Love you all and hope that you know that I know that there is no better place to be that in the Service of our God (but as Bednar said, that can AND SHOULD be anywhere)

Elder Devan Alder

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