Monday, January 2, 2017

Elder Trunks/New Years/BIRTHDAY

Well so many changes that I can´t keep up! Someone said I am 20! SO old.... I also got a new companion! Elder Troncos from Lima Peru! If you go back in the email line you will find out that I was with him when I got here to Ecuador! (And his name in English is Elder Trunks) He is really funny and we have got some good work ahead of us.

Well let me explain a little bit about what they do here in Ecuador. They build and sell the paper made figures and some of them are HUGE. They shoot off fireworks ALL NIGHT LONG. It literally sounded like a war zone all night. And at twelve they put lots of fireworks in there "action figures"  and blow them up. Sounds crazy but it has a good meaning. Everyone wants to burn all the bad in the last year and move on. But as you all know people can get a little crazy.

One of my favorite things about being zone leader apart from being able to work with lots of missionaries and worry about their investigators and their needs. Is talking with the assistants. They recieve everything from the mission and are able to give more direct commentary on how we are doing. We get to talk to them every Sunday and for the past couple of weeks they have just asked for report through message. Well anyways, last night our assistant said something that suck with me. "We need to put our words into action"

Great phrase and I hope that we can all apply it! Let´s write down our new year goals and make them happen! 

Love you all and thank you for the birthday wishes!

Elder Alder

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