Monday, January 16, 2017

First Mission Funeral

SUPER sad title, right? Hope I don´t make anyone sad but it´s the truth! First one and hopefully the last. So who died? One of our investigators (his name is Fray) that we were trying to help them get married. Super sad week when you go to talk to him the day before to set a time to go get them married and he is fine eating lunch and then at 5 in the morning we get a call saying that he passed away in the hospital. Super sad. He always listened and even though he couldn´t stand up, he was nice and we just had to have patience until they could get married and baptized. Well we attended the funeral and it was super great to speak in his funeral with the bishop. The best part was to talk to a group of Catholic or non relgious friends and family who looked and believed that this was the last time seeing the face of their dear friend but the bishop and I testified that is wasn´t and that we would see him again. Other best part of the funeral was singing "God be with you until we meet again" with all the members that were there. The climax was hearing Fray´s wife (Who isn´t a member.... yet) getting up from her crying and singing with us. Powerful. The wife was the one who has wanted to get baptized for awhile and wasn´t married to him. So after the funeral I sure did not want to say: " Hey! Now you can get baptized!" How sad! But she actually came up to me and asked "I am getting baptized this week right?" My mouth sure hit the floor in that moment. The Lord has blessed a lot of people here in Machala and I am so blessed to be in such a place. It´s a honor to be serving the Lord and sometimes He lets us meet His chosen children. They are there. And they are just waiting for us to find them. (Remember the big puzzle from Conference? WE ALL have a part in that! If we know it or not!) 

Spread that joy that the gospel brings! Who knows, it might give comfort to someone who just lose their loved one! 

This week we´ve got Zone Conference with President! (Tomorrow) and not to mention the World Training the 25! Super exciting! 

Love you all and carry on!

Elder Alder  

Pcitures: Mission Cordination Meeting? (I have no idea what it´s called in English and someone stole my camera to take that picture)
Elder Alder Thinking tooo hard (In his new suit)
A beloved member on his birthday and I think I´m getting tanner!

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