Monday, January 23, 2017

White Week

Well what a wonderful week! SUPER BUSY, but amazing! We start off the week on Tuesday, with the visit of our Wonderful President Moreno and his wife and our wonderful assistants! What a conference! And I don´t know why it´s so easy to recieve personal revelation in such a big setting! SO I tried to listen to the spirit a little harder this week and I felt the same in my personal study! (Lesson learned!) We also got there and the other zone leaders said, "Hey, Elder Alder, did you prepare your Preach My Gospel instruction that you will be giving to the Multi-Zone Confernece of 5 zones...." Thanks for the heads up... Couple of seconds, BOOM, "Listen" in chapter 10! Went great and the help of president backed me up with a "DO THIS WITH YOUR COMPANIONS PLEASE" was great and during the whole conference, "Remember the Listen lesson" I blush... But that`s what happens when you tell me a the last moment! Kind of went Hastag Famous.... (as much as you can here in Ecuador) 
Anyways, We then had interviews with President which was amazing! (And in the end kind of sad because they took out one of our wonderful "Greenies" and sent him to the other  zone and sent our zone the a missionary ending his mission (Nah, I`m kidding he is a good elder!) 

Thursday we were SO lucky to participate in the Baptism of Maria, thank you for your prayers! There were a ton of people in the baptism and a couple of investigators as well! She was super happy too, she has wanted to be baptized for awhile now. Even if we told everyone to get there at 7 amd everyone got there at 8:30.... Mormon plus Ecuadorian time (I love these people :) haha) 

And on saturday we got invited to the sealing of a dear member (Obviously I was sad of losing my buddy as you can see in the picture) But it was SUPER amazing. First sealing that I got to be apart of! And I loved it! What an amazing ordaince that NO ONE else has! It was a great help to be able to testify this week: "Come to church because you can be sealed in the temple and recieve ALL the Father has! A little more important than how many likes you got on instagram this week!" Just love the gospel and love the blessings it brings us. 

And what a marvelous time to be able to spend all my time thinking "What does this person need to change their heart" and at the end of the day realize that I was the one the changed. I have a lot left to change but at least I know Í am on the path of change. And hopefully in the end we can all be like Christ and say "Follow me" and not "He is over there"

Love you more than you know! 

Elder Alder (The fifth or sixth, I can`t remember) :)

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