Monday, December 26, 2016

White Christmas

MERRY CHRISTMAS (Or as I said to the first person on Sunday "Happy Christmas") Well it wasn´t that white, in that sense. But the Lord blessed us with another child of God who was well prepared by the Lord entered the waters of Baptism. He knows more than us about the Bible because he studied with the Jehovah`s Witnesses for 10 years but he read the Book of mormon the second he got it and has stared reading The Pearl of great Price and D&C, he loves the church and the best part was that his recently sealed brother baptized him. What a great baptismal service. Their mother is getting there soon and is also reading the Book of Mormon everyday.

Well if I could describe Ecuador on Christmas it would be Lights, food, and passed out people. My companion and I were certianly passed out with SOOO much food we ate 4 times Christmas Eve. We did  White Elephant gifts as a zone which was super fun! And talking to the family was great (Love you guys!) 

Now the sad news is that my companion is getting transfered, we got along super well and I am pretty sad that he is leaving. But the Lord sends us where He needs us and all we have to do is obey. If he tells us to get up and move, we obey. If He tells us to talk to that person, we obey. If He tells to Preach His Gospel, we obey. And then He is happy so we can be too! 

I love following the Will of the Lord even if it`s hard because I AM SO HAPPY when I do.

Thanks for everything, I will see yáll when I am 20 :)

Elder Alder

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