Monday, January 30, 2017

CHANGES and rain

Well to join my wonderful missionary friends in telling all of you that the WHOLE mission world changed their daily schedule. If you didn´t know, guess what? Two more hours on Preperation day! Surprise and happy birthday! 
Also, missionaries have a little more flexible in what they do with the time as a missionary. When they study, when they plan. Everyone...except us that is. We are still following the normal daily schedule up to this point. We might have a say in it when we go to Leadership Council this wednesday but things might just stay the same for us! Some good changes and hopefully we can be mature and work even harder!

This week was very exciting! Went by faster than I can think and I really don´t like thinking about it so it goes even faster! On the side of investigators, we weren´t finding new investigators as fast as we wanted to so the week seemed kind of down at first but then we got all encouraged with the Worldwide Transmision (I love listening to General Authorities, it makes me want to dedicate every possible second to the Lord for the rest of my life. THAT is true joy) But towards the end of the week we had two miracles for us. We had a mother and her son finally comitt to be baptized this month (they have been asisting for a while)  And on Sunday we go to pick up an old investigator for church (not old that he has been investigating for a while. Old like 84 years old. But he says that he will live like his father that lived to be 124 years old. Do we believe him? Not sure, haha) AND the whole family came to church! Why? Well lets go back a couple of days. For some reason the people we are giving blessings have a lot of faith because the next day they are healed. We go to teach old Carlos (that´s the old man´s name) And the member that lives there asks us to give her daughter a blessing. During the blessing the tears of the daughter start coming down and Sunday she brings her husband and a lot of random children and family. They got to church 40 minutes early! "Count your blessings" and if you don´t watch out! 

Elder Bednar said something this Wednesday that I liked from Alma 26. God ALLOWS success. We do everything we can and He decides if we are succesful. ANY success that a missionary has had is because God allowed it! In reality we hardly do anything. I feel like God just blesses us to be in the right place and see miracles. I love the Book of Mormon that has taught me these things. "All remember your nothingness my son" He allowed me to be here and I will serve with all my might so that He may allow me to see success!

Love you all, hope the best for all!

Elder Alder :)

Pictures: Zone power!
World, THAT is a Mango
We have a great Bishop that took us to the beach or our zone "Beach Coconut"

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