Monday, February 6, 2017

Christmas Take2

Well I don`t think I have ever made so much food in one week! Last monday I cooked up some Sloppy Joes and today I made hamburgers for lunch at a members house. Super fun! And as you can see in the pictures, Wednesday we went to Guayquil to Leadership Council and the two elders that I am taking pictures with are now ending their missions this week so I had to catch a picture with them before they went. We also had a missionary from our zone end his mission with all of them. And with so many missionaries ending their missions we have been spending all day today sending, recieving, packaging, moving, redirecting, sending home missionaries. I`m not kidding! Pday of UPS Missionary. It`s kind of fun actuallly! I have always loved being busy! 

And talking about sending and recieving things! I got my first letter in the mission! Woot! And a surprise Christmas gift from my old companions mom! (Everyone thinks I am some Star Wars nerd! But the shirt is super cool! Don`t worry mom, the Buddy tie wins always!) 

Well that was the Christmas part! Back to working on the railroad! Well my companion today gets his wisdom teeth taken out so he will be out this week. I am trying to organize so I can go working with a service missionary while my companion is "out on the bench" Becuase we`ve got a baptism this week! If you can keep Leandro, Virginia and Moises in your prayers that would be wonderful! 

Love the work and love to see God`s hand in every phase. 
AND love you guys!

Elder Devan Alder 

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