Monday, December 19, 2016

I Want to Wish You a Merry Christmas

Original, I know.

Well Christmas came SUPER FAST, faster than I thought it would, I hope everyone is enjoying cold weather because I can´t stop sweating. At least I am getting darker than all  y´all, hehe. 
Well I almost don´t have a voice right now for all the singing we have done this week!

Super exciting! I think we had 2,000 people there and the goal was a thousand refuralls! I am almost certain that we got to the goals. Why? Becuase the three missions had 6 live nativity scenes of missionaries and they loved it! It was super great and we got to go do one a day.
The best part of this country is that they are super trustworthy or they just don´t care if someone just shows up to their house. We invited them to come take pictures with us and then said "Hey, we will print out a copy of the picture and take it to your house, is that okay? We just need your address and number" 
That would TOTALLY not work in any other country. "Why would I ever tell YOU where I live?" Here they are like OKAY! SURE! 

Super funny and I just love ecuador!

Well Kristina and here son WITH a miracle got baptized this week! I am sad that I wasn´t there but sometimes you have to do the Lord´s will!

Love Christmas, love you guys! Share your light!

Elder Alder

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