Monday, November 28, 2016


Well if you are wondering if we went to a waterfall. You are wrong! But to waterfalls I am refurring to emotions and tears (Girl talk, haha)

Well I am soooo happy and so excited for this christmas season. Well as my other missionary friends around the world are "Lighting the world" with their nice Ipads and expensive blessings (They know who they are ;)) I get the chance here in Ecuador to share it in cards and song! So I went back to Guayquil this week to sing "one last time" in the same mall. Little did I know when I got there that I would be going to a meeting with my mission president to coordinate with the OTHER missions here in Guayquil for a Huge event that is happening in Guayquil. And guess who is going to try and orgainze our mission´s part? HAH, well God answered my prayer when I said "Thank you for giving me responsabilities, I think I am happier when I have many things to worry about" Then God laughed at me and said "You have no idea" 
So if you happen to throw a prayer in for me, maybe you can ask more for my companion Elder Vieyra while I am gone and our Zone Machala. It will be a little hard not to be here to help our investigators. We have soo many that our sooo close. 
But CHOIR! I love singing Christmas hymns and songs! Oh Holy night was fun to sing again! What blessings! (Do you see the waterfall of emotions?? Choir, work, investigators, blessings, miracles, "Wait do I have clean clothes?") Remember my companion and I´s phrase "The work is awesome!" Especially during Christmas! 

Miracle of the week that I want to share. Fast and testimony meeting! (We have stake conference next week) (Here is where the tears come in) The members here love the church and love to see people progressing so everyone cried and there was a great spirit in the room. Then the third hour and man was standing outside looking at the church. We invited him and he was a little nervous because he was never entered a church before. He came in and told us how he wanted to know for a long time God´s purpose for him. Good thing we had a Book of Mormon.

I love this work! So full of love! Let´s be that Light to this World and put Christ in front of us!

Love you all

Elder Alder (I don´t remember what pictures I attachted!)

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