Monday, November 7, 2016

Too late for Halloween

Well I just realized that I didn´t tell anyone about how halloween is here in Ecuador. Well it´s call the day of the dead (A couple days after) and right after it was Cuenca´s 4th of July so baiscally the whole country went on hold for a whole weekend. So almost NO one was home but we enjoyed our purple milkshake of every fruit you can find and AMAZING bread in the shape of babies (first picture) And that is halloween :)

Well this week we enjoyed eating TOO much seafood (second picture) I really can´t describe how much I ate this week... it´s quite embrassing. But the most important part is the miracles that we saw this week. 

First of all, I don´t know how to describe the feeling here to watch your investigador walking down the street 30 minutes before church starts in a shirt and tie with his friend to go pick up others for church. Amazing.

Next, the comment of Justin in Gospel Principles Class responding to another question to an investigator "I just tell my friends, if you lived when Christ lived you think you would follow him? Well now Thomas S. Monson is here, will you follow him?" I about cried.

And last off, please pray for Pedro and Ana. Pedro and his son want to get baptized  but they aren´t married yet so we need a miracle here! 

Well funny story time. So I gave a couple of tips to our ward choir and they decieded that I would be playing the piano in their songs last sunday. So I was nervous as heck because I can´t play. I said a little pray before we performed and BOOM He blest me. But not how you think or I thought. We started to go and the piano would sound a little bit and then it would go out, little bit of volumen and nothing. But the show must go on! So I kept ´playing even though no one heard anything. The comments after were funny "Elder Alder? were you mimicing the whole time?" "I didn´t hear anything but here was Stevie Wonder just playing away" "Elder Alder, can you really play piano or were you faking it?" "Oh silly Elder Woody"
The Lord´s blessing are really great!

I love this work and I am learning everything I will need to know in the "life to come" It´s going to fast, don´t remind me. There is nothing better than being a misisonary.

Les quiero bastante!

Elder Alder

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