Monday, November 14, 2016

"Not Enough Room to Receive it"

So I am kind of guessing the words from Malachi and I know it´s talking about tithing but I feel like the Lord is just blessing us SOOO much that we barely have room to recieve it. 

I really have no idea where to start.... So last week we didn´t really achieve what the Lord wanted us to do. So we had a little change of heart my companion and I and we hit the ground running. (Weekly planning is the greatest) And the first day we found ourselves with a couple of members that have been talking to their friends about the gospel and we went with them for the whole  day and found a whole lot of prepared people. 

Next blessing, I got a call that day saying that I would be directing a small missionary choir to perform in a famous mall in Guayquil this week. So I have actually been in guayquil this whole week leaving my companion to teach all the wonderfully prepared people and he sure did see those blessings while I made a program for our little choir (picture below) THANKS YOU FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN PLAY PIANO.

Next blessing was when I got back, and we were in church, a lot of these new investigators got to church. One of our investigators will be baptized this week (The one walking around early before church in a shirt and tie) AND while we were in Gospel Principles class a member pulled us out and said "Hey, my son has 10 years old, can you guys baptize him this week or next week" In that moment I wanted to cry. (The story is that the kid was going to be baptized a while ago but the mother didn´t want to and somehow the spirit touched her heart and will be baptized this week) 

So the Lord is sending me the whole week long to Guayquil to go Mall singing (Christmas music, by the way, I AM SO EXCITED) and He decieded to leave my companion here to see if we can recieve all of these blessings. Are we ready? Are we worthy? My companion and I have decieded that we have no idea how to thank the Lord, the only thing we can do is fast and work harder.

I Love the Lord
I Love His church
I Love His Work
I Love my companion 
I love the Lord

Thank you for all you do for me! I hope the best and hope your testimony grows a little more this week!

Elder Alder 

(Other picture, Sometimes you don´t know where to sit for a lesson so you have to do it in a tree :))

Choir Practice

Teaching in a tree...

Sunday Teaching

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