Monday, November 21, 2016

Two Loves, One Alder

(Pat on the back for Elder Alder, good title I think) Hey cold world! Here it´s getting hotter and hotter while in Utah it´s snowing! What does snow even look like?? haha

Well this week there was even less room to recieve blessings because I was in Guayquil almost ALL week. So here are the two loves, music and working in my sector. Don´t get me wrong I would sing "Mary did you know" in front of a couple hundred of ecuadorians eating overpriced Carls Jr. even though they won´t understand me, ANYDAY (It was so fun, No one was paying attention until I sang high and BOOM the spirit helped me on that one!) But how am I going to leave my companion a whole week so he can help our investigators progress and have the baptism interviews and prepare everything just so I can get there on Saturday and enjoy a wonderful baptism! So my heart was torn in two because we are doing so great here in machala but when else am I going to be able to sing Christmas songs in a choir! I had no idea! So there is the title and I think it´s less funny to the world but I will move on with my mission life.

So the zone got a lot bigger this week! We now have 12 missionaries instead of just 8! (I know that is small for the world of zone leaders but I like it!) We also got a visit from our dear Area President Elder Godoy. And it was amazing, he kind of gave us the bridge to help us with the change of presidents! Absoluetly inspiring! 

Elder Godoy said something that I really liked, he said "These are the best two years, why? Becuase you are closer to Christ, Why do you think EFY was so great? Because you spent a week closer to Christ. Take advantage of the two closest years to Christ" 
That´s why I am so happy!! That´s why I almost burst into tears when Joseph (One of the guys that got baptized this week) got up to bear his testimony and said "I hope my sister (Who came) can follow my example and that I can prepare to go on a mission. And I know this is the True church, In the name of Jesus Christ Amen." Or how I can´t even explain how the Lord prepares people to come to His church through His members (We went to go pick up a refural that said was going to church and when we got to his house he came out in a shirt and tie) I got a little bit of an idea during Conference, I am closer to Christ and I want to be EVEN closer! That´s why it happens becuase He is my God and my Song. 
Oh how I hope we can "Light the world" with His light! There is nothing better!

Elder Alder

New Zone...growing in numbers

Because the power was out...

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