Monday, October 31, 2016

Baptized by Fire

Well this will be a quick one so hold on your seats because we have a lot to talk about and not enough time to do it.

So I never really understood that phrase, baptized by fire until this week. So Saturday our 1000 friends on facebook Justin Quevedo walked in the wonderful waters of baptism. He was so ready, he was attending seminary and missionary prep with his friend that hopefully soon will go on his mission. I was praying a lot that his baptism would be something that he would remember and help me stay active in the church. The Lord provided him with more, I will just try to translate what he said in his testimony after with a whole lot of tears in his eyes. "The water was COLD, I was freezing but when the opened the doors of bapstry, I felt my body heat up until I couldnt feel the water and more. I didn{t get baptized all the way the first time so I had to do it again and that time I felt heat from wilson (the friend baptizing him) And I felt peace in the air around us, like something surronding us. And that is the Spirit, like Elder Alder just told us (I gave a little talk about the spirit)"

I love the truth :) Well a whole lot more happened this week but I will have to save it for the next. Just know that the experiences we had this week were like this: Leaders are amazing, the devil works with the missionaries that he knows can be amazing, and God is preparing his children and bringing them to church, so INVITE them :)

Love, peace, and a Halloween fruit jumble form Ecuador 

Elder Alder

Their Halloween Costumes!

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