Monday, October 24, 2016

Justin, First English Lesson, and Humitas

Well Leadership Council was this week! We had a wonderful time in Guayquil! I loved to be there with EVERY leader of the mission in one room. We are getting organized here with goals and the things we can to do as a mission but the Lord and our mission president expects a lot of us so we have our Zone Conference of Machala tomorrow

Well the miracles of the week! First of all, we got home from Leadership council and decieded to make some calls to make some appointments and we called our investigator Justin, and as we were talking to him, he sounded like he wanted to tell us something. We asked him what´s up and he said "I´m going to be baptized this Saturday" We didn´t know what to say so my companion said "Who told you?" And he said "Wait I can´t be baptized??" We were sure on our knees a long time that night thanking the Lord for such wonderful investigators! 

Next miracle, there was a lady that opened up a little store of Humitas (I don`t remember what they are, wet tamales?) Well my companion didn´t tell me that he had a impression to go talk to her but we were visiting a family of investiagators that live close by and they told us that she wanted a book of mormon so we went over, bought some humitas and turns out she has being reading the Liahona. I love members who share the gospel! 

Another member that shared the gospel, the stake presidents son. They are in our ward and a week ago told us that he has these two friends from Germany and Switerland that live around where he does. So we asked him to invite them to the park to talk, and they said yes! My first lesson in complete English because they knew more English than Spanish. We couldn´t talk to them in German so someone help us with that! But it was so neat to teach in English even if my companion forgot Hope in english "What is esperanza?" Sooo funny, best part was when we asked what they believed in "I don´t think I need to know if there is a God" SO the spirit really helped us in that lesson because everyone here is like, WHO DOESN¨T BELIEVE IN GOD. Well these two girls don´t, so great! 

Well love you all, sorry for the rushed letter! 

Picture is of the first cool thing I have done on a P Day, basketball! 

Elder Alder

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