Monday, October 10, 2016

Lilian Maria

Well in comparing Huaquillas to Machala, I feel a little bit like a city missionary. We have a lot here, Italian pizza, shopping, bishop lives in a "Look a my Ecuadorian crib" kind of  community. We also are so blessed here to have a couple of investigators that go to church regularly. I am super excited to have some great lessons with them this week to help them just feel the truth through the spirit. Well one of the things that President told all the Zone Leaders that we represent him in every sector and we have to act as he would if he were here. It has helped me a lot to think about the missionaries here in Machala. We are a small zone of 4 elders and 4 sisters but POWERFUL. haha, we are having so much fun feeling the spirit and helping one another. Also my companion rocks, Elder Vieyra (I think I spelled his name wrong before) and I are really doing great! Everything from diligence to singing hymns like Louis Armstrong to our favorite phrase "The work is Awesome" Sometimes you have to be corny to be happy .)

Well the picture is of a little ward baptism of the family where we eat lunch. The family is so great and you would´t believe the spirit that we felt in the baptismal service of this little 8 year old. She also chose my companion to baptize her, so cute huh? 

Well this week has been a week focused on the spirit. Without the spirit we can not teach as missionaries and without the spirit we shouldn´t even be teaching! I love to just listen to people and to be so worried about how they need to feel, that thoughts or scriptures just come into my head. And now we will end with a funny story that my companion told me this week that hopefully shows we are committed to the work. He told me that a couple nights ago he found himself sleep-praying in his bed and me in my bed praying as well. asking for guidence in a lesson that we were going to have. He said "Amen" i said "Amen" and I began to sleep-teach the lesson and slowly go back to sleep. And when I had finally gotten to sleep my companion realized that we just did what we did in our sleep and felt embrassed to "keep teaching" or to wake me up, so he just went back to bed....

Haha, I had no idea

Love the work, love you guys, stay safe!
Elder Alder

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