Monday, June 6, 2016


Well it went pretty quick but right now I am in a different sector than before! 2 weeks and Gone! I was really excited in the Island for the people I was getting to know but the Lord wanted me here in MAchala. It´s three hours in bus from Guayquil, right on the coast (I think) and this week we had some rain. I think the second NiƱo got here with more rain and the cold! (Everyone has told me how much they got sun burned here in machala but I´m still waiting)

Well my new companion is....... Elder Cordova! From Peru and has a little more than a year in the mission. As you can see in the picture. We had a baptism this week! As our missionary leader put it: The others do the work and Elder Alder gets here to eat the cake! Tas'ted good! Just kidding! This kid had HUGE ear-rings and tattoes (That doesn´t look right; TATs better?) Was very humbling to see how the gospel can change our form of life and what that means to me. (The kid´s name is Cristofer and his uncle baptized him that got baptized a month ago)

Well the whole mission is waiting for Saturday because 3 missions will be in Guayaquil to listen to Elder Ronald Rasband! We are so blessed to listen to the voice of a special witness of our Savior. I can´t wait to hear his voice so I can help the sector here. 

It´s kid of funny here as District Leader, my zone leaders asked me to help all those who are ending their mission (One sister in my district ends next week, and 5 elders end in the next 2 months) Lots of work to do! 

And don´t let me forget that today we moved all our stuff from one apartment in the second floor to the fourth floor! Pretty fun!

Well everyone read 2Nephi 31:20 and figure out what endure to the end means to you!

Love you all!

Elder Alder 

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