Monday, June 13, 2016

Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Well Good Morning! The World says hello! (I don`t remember the saying, I`m just trying to be funny and in the end it doesn`t work)

So I would love to have had a picture of me shaking the big hand of One reciently called apostale of the Lord... but we couldn`t bring cameras. So I just have a picture very potent in my mind of his face and thin eyes looking into mine for a half of a second saying " Good morning"
Of all the things I learned from all the tears I cried. The one thing that stood out was how humbled I felt. I think I was just thrown to the dust. To see a special witness of Christ I felt closer to Him and felt that I needed to work super hard to reach my own point of conversion. That`s why the mission is so great. The most joyful people are those who dedicate ALL to the Lord so us missionaries have the chance to do it if we realize it. 
Also a word of advice to all, if you would like to start doing missionary work, you have to smile. That`s where it starts and then it ends in the temple! 
Elder Rasband shared with us a story about when he was  a mission president and took two missionaries out to lunch and they were in the Bronx. And in the restuarnt walked in a family, mom and dad and everything (Which you usually don`t see there). One missionary said, I feel like we should go talk to them. And the other said, Nah, we don`t want to bother the family. Elder Rasband ate slow and waited for the family to leave. Then taught a big lesson. The spirit prometes us to do things against our natural self. If we would like to recieve more the Spirit we have to be a little bit weird and do the NOT normal but GOOD thing.

I was filled immensely with the spirit that day. I have a testimony that this Church is guided by men who love their Lord and HE directs this church. There is no doubt and that`s why I am here. 

Love you all and I apologize if I don`t get to respond to all those who write me!

Elder Alder

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