Monday, May 30, 2016

Faith, Miracles, and Food

Hello people of this world. Welcome to the smallest island that I have ever seen. It looks like any other part of Guayaquil BUT the only way on the island is two cement bridges or boat! We can see water but almost never! There is a big port on the left side and sometimes smells like fish (You ever eaten a shrimp WITH it´s legs-- I didn´t think so. (We are just a blessed lazy people in the US aren´t we, haha)

Love to joke but the spririt is more fun and ediffying (spelled that wrong) 

We were blest to have the 4 investigators in church this sunday. The four are going to be baptized this coming week but it is always a little scarey if they don´t go to church one sunday and BOOM "sorry you can be baptized on that day" BUT the Lord blest us a lot this week. Sometimes I feel like we do everything we can and then just put it in the hands of the Lord and see what His will is. 

Loving this ward. They love to help us, tell us about their friends and family who aren`t members, so we never go a day without a schedule FILLED with appointments. Which is great! We filled the goal of the mission to have 30 lessons with members present this week (There is a first for everything) And then everyday we have a different family that gives us dinner. (First time really eating full on dinner in the mission, so I need to do a little more excersies) 

We sure learn a lot in this mission. I am so blessed to have a companion that even if he is ending his mission, is still willing to heart out until we drop at the end of the day. He understands that a disciple of Christ works till the end with all he´s got. I am learning so much from him and we are see the results from the work. Mormon 9:20 (About the reasons why there are no miracles, that president shared with us a little while back)

Love you guys, love the mission!

Seamos Felices!

Elder Alder


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