Monday, June 27, 2016

Lightless and Change

Another week here in the Coast of Machala. Someone said that it is like Pirate Island but...
This week was absolutely wonderful! First things first, baptism! Thanks to all your prayers. We were able to have a wonderful baptismal service. It was a service I will never forget. Why? Becuase we got to the church to set everything up AND there was no light. They wouldn`t turn on. They were off only in the chapel. The WHOLE neighborhood had light except the chapel. So what do you do? You go buy candles and you have the service anyways. That`s why I will never forget it! (So that`s why the picture is so bright with flash and my face shines brighter than the candles..) I also I can`t help to express how much I love hearing the testimony of someone that just entered the church. "I know these things are true" You don`t tell them to say that. You bare your own testimony that it is true and through the spirit they end up learning! It brings me to tears to know that in someway I can help but in the end that I don´t do that much. It is the spirit that does everything. And I kind of feel like the Lord blesses me with investigators to teach. This work is priceless. It`s hard, but in the end, you can smile and then you realize that you can`t stop smiling. That`s what the gospel does!
Tuesday we will have a new President. I am super excited because the Lord will help us in a new way to bring souls to Christ. I have such a testimony that the Lord is in this work. We can`t do anything without Him and if we try to do it without His help, we end up losing. I guess that will be my life motto (Is that how you spell that?)
Love you all and will you just smile :)
Elder Alder

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