Monday, May 2, 2016

Put Your Shoulder To the Wheel

Well No pictures this week, this computer has a virus and is deleting my pictures! 
It´s a lot better in photo but we had a baptism this last saturday (WE means the zone) 2 men, Mario y Romulo. I got to know them when I first got here, they basically come to whatever activity that the church does. (Have I told you that in this Branch every week we have a Friends Night every Friday and we are teaching English every Wednesday night, Super cool this Branch)

Someone told me that this branch was very blessed and that is very true! There might not be such thing as an address here but the people are so open and so ready to hear the gospel!  I told you about the 15 year old that stopped us and asked us to teach him. He will be baptized the following Saturday and I´m excited! His name is Micheal and his "sister" and neighbor came to church with us this Sunday! Also we invited two 16 year olds to our English class, they came and one came to church! There is many ways to find the people who want to hear about the gospel, you just have to look! 

Well I wanted to share a little bit of the talk from President Erying. About Jesus Christ´s ministry. We read in 1 Peter 3:18-20 that even after Christ had completed His mission, even after He paid for the Sins of the World(s), He "forgot himself and went to work" He preached the gospel even when He finsished His mission. Brought  me to tears.  We have to work. This is His work and without Him, we are nothing, so why not put everything we´ve got!

Love you all here from Ecuador!

Elder Alder

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