Monday, April 25, 2016

Week of Blessings

Well this week was full of blessings because we had about a couple of days of work. We had the blessed oportunity to listen to Elder Hugo Montoya. 2nd counselor of the seventy in this area. Poderoso! I had the opportunity to sing Poor Wayfaring Man of Greif again for him and all the zones of Guayaquil. And then two days later we all traveled to Cuenca for a picture with him and some more counsel. What a week! Powerful! Just loved the spirit, the change that we experienced in that meeting! "Love your neighbor, who is your closest neighbor? Your companion" 

I felt such a love for the work. And a love for my companion and the companions that I will have. This work really is amazing! We just have to put our whole soul in to find out!

And to explain the baptism in the river. I just have so many great experiences with the baptismal interviews here. (Have one today!) And after this man`s baptism, we asked, "So who is going to baptize you!" he said: "Well I don`t know many other brothers of the church, mmmm, You Elder Alder baptize me!" So great and an expierence that I will never forget!

Well I told y´all who my new companion is. Elder Montalvo from Colombia. He has 3 going on 4 months in the mission and he is just a power house! We are working like crazy and inviting ALL to come to Christ. We had the grand opportunity to meet a family from Chicago! They are a family very humble and had acpeted to be baptized the first visit! We are finding lots of persons that just have the desire to come to Christ. 

It just testifies to me that this isn`t our work. It´s the work of the Lord. We do our part and the Lord fulfilles His promise. D&C 82:10. SO happy to be here in Ecuador! The Lord is really just filling my heart with peace and love. 

Pray for the North of Ecuador. We are fine here!

Elder Alder

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