Monday, May 9, 2016

Happiness and Miracles!

Well what an AMAZING week! Not going to lie but if I could have a favorite week in the mission. It was this one! Tuesday- Leaders conference with President Torres (His second to last one, don`t tell anyone) Wednesday- English class wih a little bit more people! Saturday- We went to the temple at 5 in the morning and basiacally got back a 5 in the afternoon. A lot of time to enjoy soaking in the the temple spirit and on the temporal side, buying things from the distribution center which no one gets to do. More importantly, our humble branch president got sealed to his wife. They have a year in the church and they just left the temple with the biggest smile ever! (Then all fell asleep on the ride home, too much spirit :)) Sunday- Skype with the Mother, puts the bow on top!

But the spirit that we left the temple with as missionaries was remarkable for me. I wasn`t exactly what we felt in the temple helping those that have passed on. It was the feeling that we felt when we left. Such a desire to help the people that don`t ever know what they are missing in the temple! What a blessing! We taught a lesson after we got back from the temple with such a spirit I said to my companion, "We need to go to the temple to start our day everyday"

Such a blessing, one scripture that President Torres (Soon Elder Torres) shared with us is Mormon 9:20. To help us know how to recieve the result of miracles. He told us not look for them but to be worthy to recieve them and work on our faith to recieve them as well. 

You sure feel happy when you work! Even if the house floods. Hahaha, there isn`t much water pressure here so they but big tanks of water on top of the house and for some reason it overflowed and went through the house through a window that wasn´t put in right (closed or open) Everything is fun! Nothing got too wet (Of my things!) And the Books of Mormon are fine! Just fun type of work last night,.

Love this gospel, love this work, love you guys!

Elder Alder

(Picture, missionaries helping buy a proposal ring, never happens, not :)

From Devan: "Hamsters being raised to be EATEN" 

Getting ready to Skype

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