Monday, January 25, 2016

Time just zooms by...

Time just zooms by doesn´t it? Well here in rainy Guayquil, I sure can´t keep up with it!
For all those who "follow" the missionaries of the world, probably heard about a thousand times that there was a General Conference for missionaries this past wednesday. The call to the missionaries was this: "Preach Repentance and Baptize Converts" Of course that wasn´t all they talked about but all that we do as missionaries is to Invite others to come unto Christ. But what can sum up the results of AAALLL these little things we do as missionaries: teach repentance and baptize converts.

Elder Sicán and I tried our best to apply this to our work this week. We had some wonderful lessons filled with the spirit as we taught a few of our lessons only about repentance. And enjoyed the sight of the man we baptized last week reading Doctrine and Covenants just about everyday as we passed by his home. 
Sometimes the scripture at the end of Matthew seems to feel like we should baptize just anyone. But the real spirit of that scripture is found in a Gospel principles class on sunday with converts pointing at the celestial glory, saying, "That is my goal"

Well about the work, if you look back at the work here in this sector in general. The past 5 people who were baptized had over 50 years and our investigators right now have over 60. So I don´t know if the only people that listen to the Elders are the elders but that is the truth. We are really in need of more people to teach so this week will be a lot of contacting! Something that I still have to get good at, especially in Spanish! But it´s fun! Try it this week, start a conversation on the street this week! Haha, got to love the work!

Scipture this week? The last verse in Moroni 7. The goal is to have the love of Christ just rush through our veins (Ugh forgot how to spell that word...) But we have to pray for it so we can be pure "even as he is pure" And then we will become "True followers of his Son" or the words in spanish, "Ture disciples"
This is the goal. This is my goal.

Keep up the good work!

Elder Alder

(I don´t have any cool pictures because I´m a little self consious about carrying my camera all the time, but my companion made this for me!)

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