Monday, February 1, 2016

The Lilies of the Field

Just love that song. How are you friends and family? (Don´t think I´ve forgotten about a single one of you, I see your name every week :)) 
Well I would love to send you all a picture of what happened this week, much more fun. But as technology is how it is always, I am stuck with my glorious english that is slowing leaving me.

So suprise, suprise. This week, wednesday to be exact, we woke up to a phone call. "Elder Sicán, you have transfers."
And BOOM, my companion was gone just like that. So who is my new companion?? Drum Roll.... ELDER CUTIPA. Sounds american no? He is from Bolivia, has 24 years (Silly spanish to english jokes), was the baptized member of his family at the age of 16. AND the first time I met Elder Cutipa was in Colombia.... Wait? What?.....
Yes my companion is one of the Latinos that I flew to Ecuador with.... So what does that mean...... I am the "older" companion... Normally after a yearish we think, okay now is my time to take charge because I have more time than my companions. Nah, mine started Wednesday. hahaha. Super weird! Super Crazy! A little bit of stress and WHAT a blessing. 
I am so grateful to be here with Elder Cutipa, he is a companion who is afraid of no one and we are working harder than ever. I know the area, he has the "fire" plus the language, hehe. And away we went.

I was certainly praying very hard this week for the spirit. And wanted to share a scripture from John 15:16. Here Christ is talking to his chosen apostales and says that he that asks the Father in His name, it will be given.

The Father will answer your prayers. Ask with real intent and in the name of Christ, and it shall be given unto you. He answered a little 19 year old in the middle of the world, He will answer your´s too.

Les quiero

Elder Alder

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