Monday, January 4, 2016

2016: The Rains Came Down and The Floods Came Up

As they say here: ¡Happy Year! (Nothing is new, haha) Well so first I´ve got to tell what happened New Years! As you can tell from the picture, the night before, I got Papa Johns for my birthday. The next news is that it completely got me sick. (Didn´t get my companion sick, but me yes.) (And no worries mom I´m fine now) So really New Years Eve for me was trying to get better from Pizza. Moral of the story is don´t trust american food, haha. So that night I was just trying to get rest and at 12, BOOM BOOM BOOM. The city blew  up... with fireworks and the little statutes things I told yall about last time. I just heard it, I really wanted to sleep!

Next temporal thing: The Child is here. El Niño. We got Drenched the other day. It just comes down llike I have never! The best part? The night after the rain comes the MILLION crickets jumping into your house! (Thank goodness we are on the top floor of the apartment! Haha, super gross and funny at the same time!

Here´s a picture of my birthday, you can tell my companion and I get along, haha. He is so funny!

Best part about this week is we have a baptism this Saturday! Super excitied because his name is Hugo (the last baptism that fell), he is such a great guy (LOVES to talk), and he is missing half a leg so that will be interesting!

It´s an honor to be involved in this work, no place I would rather be! Scripture: Moroni 7:47 "Charity is the pure love of Christ" Or if you switch it, Christ´s love. This is the goal for all. And those who are found with it in the last day are doing "Muy bien"

Love you guys! Share the gospel and testimony because it is True.

Stay Loyal to the Royal

Elder Alder

Celebrating his birthday...a dream come true!

It may be the last time he orders Papa Johns!

Chifa, ecuadorian chinese of Devan's favorites

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