Monday, January 18, 2016

Learning, Growing and Progressing!

What a wonderful week of learning, growing, and progressing!

Tuesday had my first intercambio (Interchange? Man english...) Where we did spilts for a whole day with the Zone Leaders. Learned a lot because they toke my companion to the other sector. So, for the most part, I had to lead the way because my Zone leader doesn´t know my sector (And that´s normal) So I learned a ton about taking charge and making my own decisions (with the help of the Spirit of course.) Good thing too because (especially as a new little missionary and my own personality) it seems that I tend to follow the line of authority. But even when following you have to learn to take charge and make decisions. (Oh little 19 year old primary lessons :D) 

Elder Sicán and I are really starting to see some progression. We were able to set 2 baptismal dates this week and have some absolutely wonderful lessons. One of them is this old lady who has been married for 40 (That is pretty rare for Guayquil) and now her husband is starting to lose everything. Memory, ability to eat, and life. We walked past her house as she was entering and she said hello. Boom, the spirit told us to talk to her. She says she has always seen the missionaries walking by but never has said anything till now. She is such a sweet lady. It was a testimony to me that the Lord is at the helm of this work. He prepares these people and the work for missionaries is find those who are prepared and share the message of the restorted gospel.

Just like Aaron did in Alma 22 with the king of the Lamanites. And I just love the response of the King after Aaron had taught him the Gospel, particularly the gospel of Christ: I will give up all that I possess to have this eternal joy. The gospel is joy. We walked as our convert Hugo was waiting at the street corner, all dressed and ready for church this Sunday. The gospel gives us joy so that we might then change and act. 

I pray that we may search for this joy that can only be found in Christ. 

Les quiero mucho

Elder Alder

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