Monday, January 11, 2016

Arnold SaucesNueve

I know that title makes no sense! But it is for the 66 year old man we baptized this saturday! His name is Hugo Masias. He LOVES to talk (if i haven´t said that already) He is super funny. Super straight foreward. And knew from the start that he needed this baptism. I wasn´t the first missionary to teach him but my companion was. It was amazing to hear him bare his testimony about how the Savior lives.
So the title was a joke he made when he said to me that he knew english. "What´s the name of the act from Terminator? Arnold SaucesNueve! See! I know english.
We thought it was funny!

Other funny experience: One night we were getting ready for bed and my companion (in spanish of course) asked me what the word "spoiled" was in english. When I figured out what he meant, I thought for 20 minutes and couldn´t remember the word SPOILED.... And guess what? 20 minutes later he says, "Oh Compa! Spoiled!"
I was so mad! I´m losing my language!

So scripture for this week is Mosiah 16:9. Christ is the light and life of the word. He will shine forever and never go out. He will bring life to those who don´t have it, or don´t know they don´t have it. 
This week, my companion and I need to give our all to find those who will listen to us. Everyone needs this gospel. So the goal is to pray with faith and proclaim that He lives. 

It´s an honor to be out here doing the Lord´s working and helping people like Hugo to the waters of Baptism. 

Share your Faith. Share your Testimony. Because it is the Faith and tesitmony of Him.

Elder Alder

Some things Devan found for his Birthday.

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