Monday, December 28, 2015

P-Day B-Day

So I´m pretty sure this doesn´t happen to every missionary, maybe it does! But I´m definitely thankful to have my birthday on a Monday! Next year won´t be the same! 

So this would be more exciting if I could send you guys pictures but I guess that will have to come next week but support of the members here is go great that I got a big vanilla cake with this carmel stuff in the middle and topped with "Star Wars" and Darth Vader made of... what´s it called in english... Sudon? ... how many times have a seen CakeBoss... the candy play-dough... Ugh, well it was DELICIOUS. The best part was since it´s the time the new star wars came out. This family that did the cake for me, knew I liked Star Wars made this huge table of Star wars of all things star wars, it was great! But would be cooler with a picture...

But enough about my birthday! This week we had 3 investigators in church! Hasn´t happened to me yet! And with a miracle from our Father, one will be baptized this week. The other two, they are wonderful children of heaven father, but because of their marriage situation, they won´t be baptized very soon. It´s really complicated but in short, here in guayquil many people "get married" but really they are just living together, So here, a LOT of missionaries push GET MARRIED, for real!

So as far as temporal here, I am sure not going to miss fireworks this year for new years. Every. Night.... BOOM BOOM. sounds like gunshots but it´s not! And they build these Huge statues, they call them viejos, "Olds", and I´m pretty sure New Years they blow them up! So it´s going to be loud for sure!

As far as spiritual. During a lesson, a man wasn´t quite recieving a spiritual witness that what we were saying was true. He didn´t want to ask God when He wanted him to be baptized because he literally said he was afriad, so we asked him to ask in prayer if we were sent to him from God. He flipped out (becuase there is no word in english for machete) and said we were too much in our pride. 

Now I am not saying missionaries are angels but this morning I read something in John about when Christ said "I am the light of the world" The others said, "You can´t bear testimony of yourself, that isn´t true" But Christ responded, "I know where I come from and know where I am going, therefore my testimony is true" (Or something like that becuase I am translating in my head)  But every single one of you know who you are. If not I invite you to find out, and then testify that you are a child of your Heavenly Father and you, through your works will be able to receive eternal life. Find that testimony and don´t let anyone tell you it´s not true!

Love you all! 

See you in 2016

Elder Alder

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