Monday, December 7, 2015

The Temple Lights (Without Snow...or lights)

¡Hola familia y amigos! So not quite back to normal but I have a little more time to write today! 

If you can´t tell, WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!!!!! The temple is literally right outside of our mission and there are only three ways to get there in this mision. (Have I already mentioned this?...) 1) You end your misison. 2) You train someone 3) In one year your super chevere convert is like: "Hey, I remember that you baptized me, you want to come see me seal all my convents in the house of the Lord? Only if you want to" OR you get super lucky and recieve one of the greatest christmas gifts ever from Presidente and get to go!! Absolutely amazing! I loved it with all my heart! 

But it´s time to get back to work. What is that work for us in the Choir. So here is the lay down. We have been here in Guayquil for the past week. Performing a group of songs my Kenneth Cope (8 songs to be exact) in every stake that touches our boarders here in the South Mission of Guayquil. So far we have done four! There are 10 of us in the choir (Super small and we don´t have a conductor just missionaries that lead us during practices and then sing with us) And that is about all we do! Tomorrow we are going to start traveling to the rest of the mission and perform in every single stake or district! So this week is going to be singing and sitting in a bus! Super exciting! I can´t wait to get started! (Because we are going to be super tired, haha) 

So apparently these songs are in English too but I don´t know what they are called. I have had the opportunity for the past 3 years in high school every Christmas to sing praises (alabanzas creo que es qué es en español, mucho más chevere) to the Lord through song and I am honored to do it again this year for the whole mission. There is nothing that I love more. Especially in this season of Christmas. To be able to focus myself in the true meaning of Christmas and help others focus themselves in christmas as well. 

One experience. We got to preach after our practices the first week, so one day we were walking and reiecived the impression that we should sing a christmas song to a house with christmas lights to contact. The first house we went to, we asked, they invited us in and now are getting prepared to be baptized. Contacting by caroling..! 
Never neglect a single impresion from the Lord. Even if you think it is the weirdest thing that ever came to your mind. And don´t forget to be listening to! 

My invitation to you is to start reading The Gospels. The life of Christ. I started and, even though it´s in spanish and I don´t understand every single word, I am learning so much more about my Savior.

He lives. Without a doubt in my heart, He lives. He came to this Earth to do the will of the Father. He set an example for us to follow and asks us "If ye love me, keep my commandments"

Les quiero

Elder Alder  

2015 Guayaquil South Mission Christmas Choir

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