Monday, December 14, 2015

Choir Tour (3rd year in a row!)

Hola Famila y amigos! Things are almost back to normal in Hot Guayaquil! The funny thing is this city gets hotter when you go to the colder parts of Ecuador, even for just a night!

So we have been able to meet and see every single zone in this mission. Narangal, Pradera, Centenario, Porto Nuevo, Loja, Machala, Santa Rosa, Cuenca, (And tomorrow) Cisne. Just about all the major cities in this mision! Pretty neat and pretty tiring! We got up at one o´clock this morning to travel back to Guayquil from Machala, I am definitely worn out a lot! But I have experienced this before so no worries!

So we have definintely since a lot of miracles on this "choir trip". First miracle is that almost everyone has gotten sick... No I´m kidding that´s not the miracle but almost everyone got sick. How are we supposed to sing these songs with the spirit if we don´t have all we´ve got? Obediencia (I really don´t know how to spell that word in english...) We as missionaries have really tried our hardest to be on our biggest obeying the rules guard. (Even more than normal which is a lot in this mission, I guess I don´t know how it is in other missions but that´s what I´m told) And that´s how we recieved the strength to sing. Fe con obras. Because faith without works is dead. (so there was a lot of preisthood blessings these past two weeks. The other miracle was we wanted every single investigador to be at every activity ever so they can feel the spirit want to be baptized. We have had at least 3 people accept a baptismal date directly after our presentation.  

What a blessing to feel this spirit of Chirstmas through Missionary work. This choir has really taught me a lot! About my mission, about Christ. about how to become un discípulo de Jesucristo. 

Él es mi Redentor, mi Salvador, mi Hermano Amado. "Venid a mí" son sus palabras.  Estas son un mandamiento. Come unto Him, He is your Savior. He knows all your pains.

Love you guys!

Elder Alder

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