Monday, November 30, 2015


Yeah sorry family and friends! Another week of 20 minute writing session. No worries, I am alive and doing absolutely fantastic. I am really having a wonderful time here! I get to sing in a choir in MY mission! When I heard about the Christmas choir, because Presidente Torres has done this for the length of his presidency, I instantly really wanted to be in it! Apparently you have to email Presidente first before he will consider you but I didn´t know that but I´m in it so it´s all fine! So no worries! But really this is a wonderful opportunity that only 10 missionaries a year get a chance to do! 
I guess I can explain a little more of what we are doing, So we have practicing this week everday 8 songs for Christmas! Great songs! Powerful spirit! And now we are going to travel the mission and sing for every missionary in the mission (except galapogos, qué triste)

But don´t worry I am fine and I´m reading all the emails that are sent to me so keep sending them! 

Love you all! 
Elder Alder

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