Monday, February 13, 2017

Wisdom Teeth

Well this week was certainly interesting!

My wisdom teeth are already gone so that can´t be it. My companion got his wisdom teeth out. Here is the lesson for all future missionaries. TAKE THEM OUT BEFORE. (That´s the end of my rant)

Well so luckly I wasn´t stuck in the house all week (If I was, I think I would´ve died) I got to do divisions with the guy you see in the picture Elder Rambay. He is a service missionary and a friend, he got baptized after 25 years old so he couldn´t service a full time mission but he sure helped me this week in the craziness. And every time that my companion tried to leave and work the sun got to him and he started to hurt. So this whole week was a little different, but fun!

As you can see we ate pizza (for the birthday of Justin!) And we had just the most wonderful baptism! This family was so amazingly prepared by those angels! (As it talks about in Alma 13:24) But sometimes I wonder who are those angels? Well turns out for this family the angels were the sister missionaries of the other zone. The brother who is baptizing the family is actually her son and his brother. He got baptized a month ago with the sisters of the other zone. The rest of the family lives in our ward but they have their business in the other ward. So we call the sisters to see if we can go teach them and they say "No, don´t worry about it, we will get them ready for their baptism!" Angels. I almost didn´t do anything thanks to the sisters. You never know if YOU are the angel preparing the hearts of the children of men.

Well last rant, I NEVER want to see someone get their wisdom teeth out consious. IT was awful.

Love you all! Keep going! Keep smiling :)

Elder Devan Alder 

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