Monday, September 26, 2016


And that is what happens when you have Latins who listen to more american music than you do or did, they get out on the mission, become your zone leaders (As you can see in the pictures attachted in a MotoTaxi that would be the way of traveling here in Huaquillas with my companion hidden in the back)  and one day say "Elder Alder I am sure you know this song" Then they continue singing Hello by adele the rest of the week and it gets stuck in your head and you try to get it out with "Called to Serve" and then it ends up as your email title. SOoooooo, Hello!

Great week. Really and truly a great week! I absolutely love working as a missionary I can´t describe the spirit I feel at the end of a day on my knees praying for just about everything or how I feel when my companion starts to pray for our investigators name by name. Or the spirit I feel when members tell us about their friends who want to learn about the gospel and we can help them feel te spirit and a desire to come to church and when they do, they say "I really liked church". Or the spirit I feel in a fast and testimony to bear my testimony that I have been in the Conference Center and the words the Prophets will say is revelation for THEM. Or the amazing feeling when an investigator tell us "So the word is the seed and I need to plant it in my heart and after give fruit no?) 

We certainly were blessed to have 3 families of investigators in church this week. I don´t know how but the members really just love sharing the gospel with their friends. Not to mention our recent converts love it even more (Maybe because that means we visit them a little more often, oops) 

But in the end, I feel love for these people. We just want the best for them. We just have to understand how they feel! 

"Put your Shoulder to the Wheel, push Along, do your duty with a heart full of song" 

SonrĂ­en por favor :)

Elder Alder

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