Monday, September 19, 2016

I Love to See the Temple

I don´t think I can express how much I love being a missionary. My two zone leaders have less time then I do, so they always bug me about the down side of the house, I try not to think about it and just work my heart out! (If anyone asks, I will finish my mission in two years!) 

Well certainly the highlight of the week was friday saturday and sunday. Friday we got everything ready for the temple. Saturday at 1 in the morning, we left the house to go get on the bus! We didn´t really sleep but our double-decker bus kind of let us sleep a little bit! We got to the temple at 7ish. We didn´t have enough preisthood to help out with baptisms so we got the wonderful oportunity down stairs while 8 people recieved their endowments and one family got sealed for all time and eternity! This branch is really moving along! Even if we were bummed out to not participate in the sealing, we got to feel the great spirit of the temple and got to see the progression of a lot of new memebers in this branch. We are working really hard with the leaders of the branch and that is really helping us out as missionaries to work hard and effecitively. We don´t get to go to the temple that much in this mission but everytime we do, I feel energized to tell people how they can feel if they just follow the spirit of christ and the holy ghost that is telling them that THIS CHURCH IS TRUE.

I really don´t have words when I see recent converts fasting and paying tithing on their own and they just show their faith. Everything that is happening here is helping me to just do everything I know is right and if I do something wrong to repent immediately and keep moving foreward. Let us be perfect like our Father in Heaven is perfect (3 Nefi 27:27 I think is the scripture) and not to get discouraged if we aren´t perfect. Just to know that one day we can be! 

Love you all! 
(Go to the temple more often!)
Elder Alder

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