Monday, July 18, 2016

Two Weeks changes Everything

Well it´s been quite a while hasn´t it! I really can´t remember where I left off so if I forget something, that´s the way the cookie crumbles. 

Well let´s go back to MAchala. That monday night two weeks ago, we got a call from our zone leaders (which we knew was coming because Elder Bischel was headed home) And one my one, Elder you have transfers. They shut down the sectors just like that. We may have had a baptism but I won´t ask the Lord why, just do it (nike symbol) So they sent me the next morning to a place I have heard a lot about: Huaquillas (Pronounced: Wuaquiyas) Welcome to the boarder of Peru and Ecuador. Just cross a little ramp and hello peru! And my companion that you see in the first picture is elder Ward from Pennslyvannia. We had some fun and we get to reading your letters last monday and we get a call. "Elder Alder and Elder Ward, you need to  be back in the house right now" Elder Ward and I had pack up and head to Guayquil. We are now training the two elders that got here that tuesday. I´M A FATHER. You can see my son in the next picture. He is 24 years old from Otavalo Ecuador. His story is amazing. Shared a little bit of it his story in my talk Sunday, and it made me cry. He never knew his dad. His mom died 6 years ago. He is a two year convert to the church and he is praying (with me) so that his only sister will accept the gospel. He did the temple work for his mom and is so excited to be a missionary. 
He has no idea that while I am training, he is teaching me more than I could ever teach him. But I can teach him to not be scared! (Singing in buses, talking with every mototaxi that we see, singing more while we contact) I am just really good at embarssing myself so wish my son good luck! 

Love you all and hope you can just learn to love the hard times because you know that in the end you will be made stronger! "Learn to love the Process!" -Elder Humble (Zone leader that lives with us)

Elder Alder (Father)hehe

Father and his son...Elder Salazar

Elder Alder & Elder Ward visiting the temple

Teaching Primary

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