Monday, March 7, 2016

El señor nos bendice-BOOM Spirit Power

Well now I can add a photo so this is Elsie! She lives in a different ward now so we are not sure how she is doing but I think the nurse sister missionaries are visiting her. What a blessing that was!

Well these past weeks we are seeing a lot of blessings in this sector! We are teaching the father in law of the lady that makes us lunch every week. He has been to church two times and seems to like it! He is hilarous and I love something he said to us one day: "I would just like to be God´s soldier. I would like to give everything or nothing" I meet him about 2 months ago but now, wow, the blessings and changes you see in people is amazing. Also had a wonderful experience with a professional singer. She was a referall of two members in the ward, first lesson with her was really nice, invited her to be baptized, said yes but wanted to practice two religions. Opps, next lesson, we recieve a call from her 2 hours before the cita. "I´m scared, I feel bad, I don´t want to change. Sorry, please don´t visit me again" Ugh, what a feeling of pain. The following day we asked for 10 minutes just to show we meant well and really wanted to keep teaching her (Even had an impression to teach in English, she spent 5 year in New York) And niether my companion or I know what we said but she was SOO happy. "I feel glad when you guys are here" BOOM Spirit power. It´s real!  
We are seeing so many blessings here! Like a member from a ward 20 minutes away bringing his "friend" that lives in our ward! ¡Pilísimo!
Just  goes to show how work and prayer equals blessings!
Only part bad is that transfers in this mission are morning day notice. So the next two days I will be worried to see if I have transfers. I really hope not, because we just might have a baptism the following week! 

Love you all! Keep Holding on! Don´t hold back the truth (Romans 1:16)

Elder Alder

Enjoying some Papaya!

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