Monday, March 14, 2016

Blessings and Work

hola a todos de este mundo!! (o los que leen mis cartas) 

My companion is still telling me that I have to practice english so I don´t forget it! So I am grateful for another oportunity to write in english! It is always funny and great when someone thinks you are Ecuadorian. "You aren´t from Quito?" Hilarous!

Great week! We saw a lot of blessing! Meeting people by asking which type of bread is their favorite or if they have ever been to the US! There is actually a lot of people of Ecuador that live in the US or have family there! 
Also I´m starting to try to teach english to find people and the most effective way to find people is to ask people to bring friends to church!

That seems to be one of the biggest pushes in this mission is get to people to attend church. And sometimes you ask a member to pass by their house, or we pass by there house. But sometimes, you have been calling once a week to one person and the 5th time, it works and he comes to church!! We really are blest when we put all we have into the Lord´s work!

But the challenge is finding people that really do want to change! I imagine that it is so hard to change something that is the tradition of your whole family! First lesson is to share with everyone you meet to find those who are ready and second lesson as members who may have that tradition to pray to know the truth even if you know it´s true, because it is. 

Love you all and hope the best!

Elder Alder

(Picture, Family Home Evening with the Crew)

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