Monday, March 28, 2016

The Missionary Tan

Well obiviously, I will not be taking a picture of my tan. But just to say it, I have white shape of a watch on my wrist as well as a tie shaped tan on my neck! The work is fun!

Picture: Elder Zentz from Odgen UT, had a birthday so we bought pizza no!

Well this week was more fun for the work that is happening here. The mission is working on helping 150 people be baptized this conference week end. 
My companion and I are blessed to help one (for sure) of these people recieve this sacred convenant. We are always grateful when we are able to help someone join the Lord´s fold. 

We were also blessed to have 9 investigators in Sacrament meeting! I have never felt so blessed!And that means that we have a lot of work cut out for us! 

The message for me and for all is that the Lord blesses us when we think about Him. This week for Easter, I have been reading about His life and pondering about the meaning of His life for me.

I testify that He lives. As His servant, I will do as He wants. It´s not easy but in the end will be easiest that we can do!

Love you all!

Elder Alder

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